Brexit – ride the waves of change…

Brexit, as it has become known, has sparked much controversy, anger and fear throughout Britain. We have even seen violence break out, with racist attacks being accredited to the decision to leave. We have seen countryman turn on countryman, as one voter mocks another for their decision and views. Facebook has become awash with abuse and opinion. We have seen an exodus from parliament and a string of events globally that have left us all reeling. Some may say that the world has gone mad, but maybe what we are actually witnessing is a string of events that will shake us so vehemently that it will awaken us from the clutches of a world that has, in fact, been mad for many millennia.

The revolution of consciousness is upon us. Many of us have not only been aware of it, but have, in fact, been a part of it for some time now. For those who are still not aware, no matter, for your time shall come, but aware or not, you can not help but have noticed the huge changes that are taking place on our planet right now. How we respond to these changes will shape not only our own future, but the future of our entire planet.

It is human nature to be afraid of that which we do not know. We often hold onto things that are no longer serving us, whether it be a relationship, a work situation or even a political system, because we are more comfortable with that which we know than with that which we do not. An unwillingness to accept change and to let go of the things that are no longer serving us can inflict great personal harm. It is only when we are ready to let go that we are able to make room for the new and allow a life that serves us better to unfold around us.

I feel that it is worth mentioning at this point that I voted to stay, as I am sure that people reading this will naturally assume that I am a ‘no’ voter. I do not pretend to understand all of the politics involved, and if we are honest with ourselves, I don’t think that many of us can truly boast that, but I am not writing this to push any one political agenda or to talk about who was right or wrong in their decision. Instead, I am writing this to encourage people to think about where we go from here, instead of trying to hold onto a past that can be no more. What we choose to do now creates our future. We can create wisely and positively or we can create negatively from a place of fear.

Fear creates doubt and doubt creates uncertainty but life is always full of doubt and uncertainty and it is how we hold ourselves during these times that ultimately makes the difference.

Much panic has been created over what will happen when we do eventually exit the union but, as stated in article 50, this will take 2 years, to allow us time to negotiate new trade deals within the EU. Instead of panicking about what will happen in 2 years time, we should be looking for new opportunities within a ‘perceived’ bad situation, in order to create a positive long term effect. Each move that we make will create more opportunity and more hope and if we stay positive and united as a country, we will find that by the time the exit is actually enacted, we would have already created a Britain that is great outside of the European Union. But if we fight change every step of the way, we will miss the opportunities that come, for our eyes will not be open to see them.

The serenity prayer says ‘Grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference’. It is time for us to find that wisdom within ourselves. As a country, we may not be able to change the decision that was made but we now have the opportunity to change a system that did not serve all within it.

Life is constantly changing and change happens because it needs to! Whatever your thoughts are on the people who voted in a different direction to you, one thing is for sure, people were not happy within the current system. If they were, we would be looking at a very different outcome right now. It is what we do now that counts. Let us choose to make Britain even greater than it was before. Let us choose to unite and bring the greatest minds together to affect positive change. Let us listen to each other instead of dismissing those that we do not understand, for it is in listening that the greatest ideas are achieved.

We are the masses with the voices and we should be using those voices to affect positive change instead of fighting it and each other. ‘Be the change that you wish to see’. Change is always an opportunity for growth, even if its not clear to see at the time, but if we fight change instead of embracing it, we will miss the opportunities that change creates.

For everything negative there is a positive – that is the order of balance. For every person that is long stock and losing money as the market crashes, someone else was short and now has the opportunity to gain. For every person who is losing money on foreign exchange, someone else is making it. The pound being strong has meant that many tourists have had to avoid coming to the UK as they have not been able to afford to do so. The slightly weaker pound will mean that more tourists will come and spend money in Britain. Let us see this benefit and utilise it until the fear of the unknown relinquishes its grip on the markets.

There is always an equal and opposite effect – sometimes we will be on the right side and other times on the wrong but if we allow ourselves to look at the whole picture, rather than just the affect to the individual then maybe we can start to see through the illusion of hopelessness and start to see the greater good.

We are Great Britain – we were great before Europe and we will continue to be great going forward.

Yes, things may get a little tough for a while, we may even see some companies fall, which we will, of course, all view as disastrous, but this may well make room for something much better – for a system that is less corrupt. For a country that serves the individuals within it rather than the corporate giants that its hands are currently tied to. We need to have the foresight to see beyond the initial shock and the sea of negativity that has been created in our minds and instead look to how we can create a more positive future. ‘United we stand, divided we fall’ and whilst the country may have been divided in its decision, we have the opportunity to unite in how we affect positive change.

We will need to take the rough with the smooth for a while but what is rough for one may be smooth for another. We need to start thinking about the collective rather than the individual and come together to make not only Britain, but the world a place that is fair for all instead of only a handful of powerful individuals.

I do not pretend to have all the solutions but I am just one individual. Together we can not only open but join our minds to the new opportunities that await us.

Brexit will only be the predicted disaster if we allow it to be. If we allow ourselves to be manipulated by self serving media and buy into the sea of negativity and racism that has been created both around us and by us, then success can never be. Instead, we must look forward with love, courage and strength in our hearts, united in finding a positive outcome for not only self but for the whole collective. This is our chance to create positive change – will we waste it by using all of our energy to fight against it or will we embrace it with open arms? Will we choose to make the most out of the current situation and seek new opportunities within the new remit or will we choose to let things fall around us whilst we do nothing but complain about the state of our country? Will we allow ourselves to drown in negativity and fear, or will we carve out a path that walks us into a brighter future?

Oftentimes, change is not easy but usually what is on the other side of change, no matter how daunting, opens us to a better way of life, so let us ride the wave of change right into a better future for all.

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